Food & Nutrition

food-2Playland provides catered lunches for campers and counselors five days a week. There is always a hot lunch option and alternatives.  Everyday at lunch camp supplies a choice of white milk, chocolate milk or water.

We are committed to serving healthy and appropriate lunches to all campers. We respect the dietary needs of all children. Head Counselors help serve lunch for their groups and they will accommodate the “picky eater” with foods they will enjoy.  Please contact the camp office with any food related concerns.  No child will go hungry at Playland.

Camp provides an afternoon snack for all campers. Afternoon snack consists of a popsicle or ice cream, apples, bananas and oranges and pretzels.

Counselors and campers sit together for lunch and snack in one of our picnic areas. After lunch we share songs, have talent shows and more before afternoon activities begin.

CAMP PLAYLAND IS A “PEANUT / NUT SENSITIVE” ENVIRONMENT – There are children throughout the camp with peanut and nut allergies. Campers and counselors should not bring peanut butter or other peanut / nut products to camp. For everyone’s safety and because peanut / nut products are found in so many food items, campers will not be allowed to share food. All food that we provide will be peanut and nut free.