Activities & Events

We are thrilled to offer over 50 fun-filled activities at camp!



Soccer at Camp Playland is so much fun! Campers will have every opportunity to develop and improve their athletic skills in a fun and structured environment. Counselors and campers share the same enthusiasm for the activity and are eager to learn. Our Soccer Specialist is experienced in playing, coaching and teaching our campers how to enjoy the sport. Emphasis is put on the development of our campers’ soccer skills, while keeping a fun and welcoming environment! 


Everyone at Camp Playland gets to experience these great sports! Both baseball and softball at Camp Playland are instructed by an experienced player/coach! From basic to advanced skill levels, each camper is made to feel welcome in this comfortable and fun learning environment! And with our very own “green monster” everyone will get the chance to hit a home run and sign their name on the Home Run Campions board for all of Playland to see! This classic summer camp activity is a camper favorite when the weather’s nice.


Tennis at Camp Playland is top-notch! Our indoor/outdoor tennis courts create a unique and engaging environment for campers of all ages. Our experienced and talented Tennis Specialists can individually supply instruction so that each camper will get the most out of this activity. Along with learning basic to advanced tennis skills, campers will get the opportunity to learn other skills in similar sports including but not limited to pickle ball, badminton, and volleyball!


Golf at Camp Playland is fun for everyone! With our ever changing 9 hole mini-golf course and our driving range, campers will learn and improve on a variety of skills. Our courses combine the fun of mini-golf with the exciting environment of summer camp. On a beautiful summer day, this is a great way to spend time with other campers and practice their golf skills.


Lacrosse at Camp Playland is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the summer, and maybe learn a new sport! Campers at all skill levels will have the opportunity to learn and play lacrosse alongside their counselors in a positive learning environment. Our Specialist for lacrosse is experienced and is equipped with the knowledge to keep campers engaged and safe!


Basketball at Camp Playland offers a great environment to develop skills while having fun! Our NEW basketball court is equipped with two main 10’ adjustable baskets, two side 10’ adjustable baskets, two adjustable side baskets for our younger campers that go from 3’-4’, and is completed with a Camp Playland logo at half court! Our experienced and talented Basketball Specialist takes advantage of our facilities and designs a one-of-a-kind experience for campers! 


Cooking at Camp Playland is exciting and delicious! We are excited to cook at Camp Playland this summer with Melissa Litwak, a registered dietitian and nutritionist. All recipes are free of: Nuts, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Fish/Shellfish, Coconut, Sesame, and Soy. In the past we have made some great treats including, Nice Cream, roasted pumpkin seed pesto, ooey gooey banana chocolate chip cookies, smoothies and more! Campers and counselors are always excited to make, try new foods, and bring these new skills and recipes home with them. Bon appetit!


Music at Camp Playland is all about discovery! Campers are exposed to drums, rhythms, xylophones, ukuleles, singing, music games and activities, knowledge of composers, and more. Our Music Specialist is a music director during the school year and has been at Playland for more than 10 summers! Each year it is exciting to see what new songs and lessons are in store for our campers. Campers learn different songs and are able to sing their hearts out, not just during music lessons, but throughout the whole day at Playland. We provide a safe and educational learning environment to ensure the campers get the most out of this great activity!


Established in 2017, our 1200ft track, and 5 Hammerhead mudhead go karts are perfect for campers! Each Go-Kart is equipped with a Reverse mechanism, electric start, horn, dual headlights, all wheel fenders, adjustable individual seats, pedal extensions, and a canopy top. Every camper has the opportunity to ride in one of our karts, and campers entering first grade and older will get to drive a go-kart. Our returning Go Kart Specialist is experienced and ensures the safety of each and every camper. This activity is a thrilling activity and a valuable experience for every camper!


Theater at Camp Playland is so much fun! At this activity, campers will be able to express their creativity to the fullest! With our stage and new amphitheater, campers will really feel like they are ready for a performance. Our Theater Specialists always make sure that campers are comfortable and enjoying themselves while engaging in new activities! We practice singing, dancing, acting, improv, performing, choreography and so much more. Our experienced staff gets involved with the campers as well to ensure that they get the most out of it.

Arts and Crafts and Lanyard Land

Our Arts & Crafts studio utilizes both indoor and outdoor spaces and features a brand new separate activity: Lanyard Land! Playland campers use their imaginations as they experiment with many exciting mediums to bring out the artist within! Campers will explore the worlds of pottery, painting, lanyards and crafts, beading, tie-dying, and more. Arts & Crafts is one of the most beloved summer camp pastimes and it’s no different at Cam Playland!


Archery gives the campers the opportunity to experience one of the roots of summer camp. Our archery range is equipped with six stations and targets for using the bows and arrows. Our two Archery Specialists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to keep campers safe, while also teaching and helping them improve on a valuable skill. Campers will also have the opportunity to use our Paintball Slingshots! This is always a favorite for new and returning campers.

Low/High ropes

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s one of the campers on our high ropes course! Low and High ropes are a staple at Camp Playland. Our numerous Ropes Specialists are teachers who are experienced and trained by Project Adventure to ensure that the campers are safe while having the time of their life! Low ropes and high ropes include: 300-foot Zip-Line, 80-foot Zip-Line, ‘Monkey Hardware’ Climbing Tree, Rock Climbing Wall, Swingshot and Flying Squirrel High Ropes Challenges! Group counselors assist and encourage the campers to break through barriers, and conquer new and exciting challenges.

Ninja Warrior

Campers will enjoy our 3 warped walls, low elements and full ninja rig, which includes peg boards, salmon ladders, ring slides and more.  Our professional course was designed and installed by World Ninja Sport and multiple-season ninja Justin Conway.  

Boating and Fishing

Boating and fishing is the perfect activity for a hot summer day!  Campers have the option to use a paddle boat, paddle board, kayak, turboboat, or row boat. They can also spend time on the fishing dock trying to catch bluegill, bass and goldfish. It is also fun to look for frogs and turtles!  Campers participate at their own comfort level with constant encouragement from our staff. Our Boating Specialist and Fishing Specialist are supportive teachers who create a positive learning environment for campers to have fun! 


Throughout the summer campers will make their way past the pools into the new world of Nature! The Nature activity at Camp Playland is informative, while also keeping with the fun nature of summer camp! Our Nature Specialists are teachers who plan fun and exciting new lessons each week to maximize each camper’s experience. Throughout the summer, campers will be able to improve their understanding of nature by exploring the campus from a new perspective. Campers will be conducting experiments and learning different aspects about the nature of New Canaan.

Now with a brand new Mining Station, campers will get the opportunity to have a new and valuable experience of sifting, and searching through dirt and sand for real gemstones. This unique activity is a great way for campers to explore new horizons!