FAQ – Summer 2021

Q: Will Camp Playland provide transportation?

We are planning on offering transportation this summer and our bus companies are ready.  We await operating guidelines from the state, and therefore cannot 100% guarantee we will be allowed to offer transportation.  That being said, local schools are utilizing buses and we are very optimistic camps will be able to also.  If this impacts your summer planning, please contact us.

Q: Will campers be required to wear masks?

We will operate 100% outdoors, as we did in summer 2020.  If camp were to open today counselors would be required to wear masks, campers would not.  Of course, a camper may wear a mask if they would like.  This may change as we approach June 28th.  We will follow the guidance of the state and local health departments.

Q: When will Camp Playland publish 2021 COVID-19 protocols?

We will publish 2021 COVID-19 protocols soon after we receive summer camp operating guidelines from the state of Connecticut.  These are mandatory for camps to follow.  We hope to have answers soon.  As we plan we continue to refer to our 2020 protocols and the state’s guidelines from last summer.

Q: Will campers swim this summer?

Yes!  We can’t wait to get back into the pools.  We will have free swim and swim instruction this summer.

Q: Will Camp Playland still provide lunch?

Yes!  We will offer a delicious lunch & snack program.  More information coming soon.

Q: Will Camp Playland provide refunds if camp is forced to close?

Yes, as stated in our terms of agreement on the camper application, if due to COVID-19, the state or city health department forbid camp from opening or forces us to close during our season, we will refund prorated tuition.

Q: Will all counselors be vaccinated in time for camp?

We are hopeful that all camp counselors will have the opportunity to be vaccinated in time for camp.  We will follow guidance from the state.  Like all businesses, we must respect the regulations put forward by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.