FAQ – Summer 2021

Q: Will Camp Playland provide transportation?

Yes!  We are excited to offer door-to-door transportation this summer.  Please click here to see our bus protocols. 

Q: Will campers be required to wear masks?

We will operate 100% outdoors, as we did in summer 2020.  During the camp day, campers and vaccinated counselors may wear a mask if they would like – this is not required.  If a camper chooses to wear a mask, there will be many opportunities for “mask breaks.”  Camp will operate 100% outdoors. Unvaccinated counselors will wear masks at all times. We follow the guidance of the state and local health departments.

Q: When will Camp Playland publish 2021 COVID-19 protocols?

Please read the 2021 COVID-19 Protocols here.  

Q: Will campers swim this summer?

Yes!  We can’t wait to get back into the pools.  We will have free swim and swim instruction this summer.

Q: Will Camp Playland still provide lunch?

Yes!  We will offer a delicious lunch & snack program.  Please click here to see the lunch menu.

Q: Will Camp Playland provide refunds if camp is forced to close?

Yes, as stated in our terms of agreement on the camper application, if due to COVID-19, the state or city health department forbid camp from opening or forces us to close during our season, we will refund prorated tuition.

Q: Are all Camp Playland counselors vaccinated?

Over 98% of our counselors are vaccinated.  Like all businesses, we must respect the regulations put forward by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.