It’s always difficult to recap a camp summer in writing. There are too many different emotions and experiences from summer 2015. I figure rather than trying to put my feelings to paper formally, I will type the first 50 words that come to mind in a stream of conscious campy list:

Magical, Cool, Wet, Wild, Super, Duper, Splash, Sporty, Fun, Nature, Canoeing, Active, Barefoot, Sunscreen, Terrific, Breezy, Grass, Laugh, Amazing, Nurturing, Party, Water, Diving, Explore, Freedom, Frolic, Baseball, Alive, Jump, Smiles, Growth, Hiking, Grilling, Hot, Ice, Pond, Playground, Popsicle, Shade, Sizzle, Youthful, Colorful, Stay-late, Bathing suit, Refreshing, Hot, Perspiration, Fireworks, Ice Cream, Paradise