trailblazer-tribuneBy Kathy Lopes – Camp Playland, like most camps, is full of traditions. Over time, for a variety of reasons, some traditions have been changed, or even eliminated.

Here are some Playland traditions that I remember fondly that no longer exist…


  • Honor Table – The cleanest table after lunch would be rewarded with a wooden plaque to keep for the day.
  • Collecting Firewood during campsite in preparation for Wednesday cookout
  • Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores after cookout!
  • Friday afternoon “Mass Activities” (while the pool staff vacuumed the pool)
  • Bowling at Broad River Lanes on rainy days
  • Movies at Turn of River on rainy days
  • Pretzel Rods and Orange Drink – every campers favorite snack!
  • Stopping for snacks after Stamford Indoor Tennis
  • Penny Hunt and Candy Store – campers would hunt for pennys and then trade them in for candy!
  • Hobby Hour – after lunch groups would have a half an hour to play games and digest
  • Trailblazer Tribune – a newsletter that the oldest girls would publish at the end of every summer.  It was distributed to the entire camp!

Were these traditions here when you were here? What traditions do you remember from your days at Camp Playland, as either a staff person or a camper?