IMG_6309-LAfter lunch and snack we choose counselors at random to play ‘Minute to Win it.’ Campers love the silly challenges and go wild cheering on their counselors. Here are some of the games we play at camp that are easy to play at home with everyday household items. And remember, you have one minute to win it!

Penny Hose 

Items: A pair of panty hose and two pennies.

How to play: Place a penny at the end of each panty hose leg. When the one-minute timer begins, you can then pick up the pair of hose and start digging for the pennies. The rule that makes this game extra tricky: Your hands have to be straight out in front of you. They may not touch each other or any part of your body.  You have one minute to get both pennies out of the hose!


Tissue Challenge 

Items: One box of tissues

How to play: Place the full box of tissues on a table. When the one-minute timer begins, you need to put one hand behind you back. Use your other hand to pull tissues out of the box, one at a time, and discard them. You have one minute to remove all the tissues from the box. Sound easy? Give it a try! You will be surprised.



Items: Eight plastic cups and eight ping ping balls

How to play: Place all eight ping pong balls in a basket.  Hold the stack of eight plastic cups. When the timer begins, take one ball, bounce it on the floor and catch it in the top cup. Then, pull the bottom cup from the stack and place it on top, covering the ball you just caught. Bounce another ball and catch it in that top cup, and so on!  You have one minute to have a stack of eight cups and eight balls alternating!


Dizzy Mummy

Items:  A roll of toilet paper!  (You will need another person to hold the roll)

How to play: The name of the game says it all! You have one minute to spin a roll of toilet paper around you.  If the toilet paper rips, you’re out! At camp, we often put the toilet paper rolls on paint rollers to make it extra dizzy and silly!