This was our best summer yet at Camp Playland. We, as directors, love camp! We love the activities, the craziness and the fun. We love watching campers learn new swim strokes, conquer their fears on the zip line or climbing tree and light up when seeing a special event like ‘Foamtastic’ for the first time. More than anything, however, we love to see campers form relationships with other campers and with their counselors.

We receive many phone calls and e-mails leading up to camp about nervous campers. This is logical. It is very scary to go to a new place without your parents and without knowing anybody! It is our biggest job to help everyone feel safe and comfortable.

We call summer 2015 our best yet because we saw many nervous kids become confident, excited and happy campers. It starts with warm, loving and nurturing counselors helping every camper be a kind individual. This is summer camp and it needs to be fun.

For those who have never experienced camp, it’s difficult to imagine forming such tight bonds with others in the span of a few short weeks. Those who have attended or worked at a summer camp understand camps are more than a place where campers go to have fun. They’re a place where friendships, overcoming challenges and memories that last long beyond the last day of camp.