11760219_10152993856837686_2013995978966349377_nIt’s November, and that means camp is around the corner!  Okay, you might be thinking more about Thanskgiving than camp, but here at Playland we are full steam ahead for summer 2016.

There is a growing trend in day camps for programs to include more choices for campers.  Camper elective periods are found at sleep away camps, but traditional day camps have historically followed a set schedule.  The goal is to expose younger campers to many different activities. Our Super Senior campers (entering 7th & 8th grade) have always experienced some options in their schedule.

As we visit day camps in the Northeast we are hearing a lot about “majors,” “hobbies,” “electives” and “choices.”  In 2015, we tested the water with the four oldest Upper Camp groups (entering 5th & 6th grade) and offered choice period once a week.  It was a hit! Every Thursday campers were able to pick from tennis, baseball. handball. soccer, theater, archery, ropes course and nature.  Specialists at the activities planned the choice period with the idea of going a bit more in depth with instruction.  The campers were ready for this.

As we get ready for our 60th summer we have made the decision to incorporate more choice into the schedule!  This summer all Upper Camp campers (entering 3rd through 6th grade) will have a choice period every day of the week.  These campers will still have all activities with their full group during the week, but choice will give them the opportunity to have more of their camp favorites and enhance their camp experience!  The activity choices will rotate on a daily basis but will always be a diverse offering.

So campers, what will you choose?  Archery, boating, fishing, arts & crafts, music, ropes course, gymnastics, theater, tennis, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, swimming, nature, golf, karate, handball, sling shots.