Why are we so excited about the new Theater?


A day at Camp Playland has always been filled with camp spirit and pride.  From our camp song, to group cheers and banners, spirit wear and stickers, campers and counselors can feel the fun at camp.  When the whole camp gathers for spirit days in our new theater we will bring camp spirit to a whole new level!  There is nothing more special than feeling like you are a part of something and our sense of community will be even more powerful when we gather together.  

What will we do in the new Theater? 

The theater will be our chance to celebrate each week at camp.  Every Friday we will have flag raising in the theater and get a little crazy with the themes of the spirit days found on the Special Events Calendar (i.e. Superhero day, crazy hair day, mismatch day).  We will have skits, songs and contests based on these themes. Additionally, we will preview upcoming special events and general silliness. 

 When will we use the new Theater?

The entire camp will gather in the theater for ‘Playland Pride’ every Friday morning.  Additionally, this space will continue to be used for our Dance & Drama program.  The new seating capacity will give campers and their groups the opportunity to showcase dances and special talents to the entire camp!