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boysandgirljumping@2xQ: Why do some people call the deepest pool at Playland the “Shark Pool?”

Uncle Gary’s Answer:  Over the past 60 years so many things on the Playland campus have been added and altered. The three pools we swim in now were not the original pools at Playland. For the first many summers there were two small pools located close to where the deep pool is now located.  In the late 1960s Marilyn Breslow, daughter of Playland co-founders Sy & Adele Breslow, decided to paint designs on the bottom of the old deep pool. She painted a dolphin on the side under the diving board and a huge shark on the bottom of the deep end. The term “Shark Pool” has stuck ever since. Even though it is not the same pool, some people still refer to the current deep pool as the “Shark Pool.”